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Clinical Immunology and Allergy

Clinical Immunology cellular and humoral components of the immune system | tissue injury | immune deficiency | immediate and delayed hypersensitivity | Immune response to : foreign proteins ; allergens ; microorganisms ; autoagntigens | immunogenetics | primary immune deficiency disorders | acquired immune deficiency disorders | HIV | autoimmune diseases | systemic vasculitides | Lymphoproliferative disorders and dysproteinaemias | Amyloidosis | sarcoidosis | immune complex disorders |anti-inflammatory and immune-suppressive pharmaceuticals | plasmapheresis and desensitisation.
Allergy asthma | rhinitis | urticaria / angioedema | anaphylaxis, food allergy and other reactions | antihistamines | bronchodilators | inhaled steroids | other anti-allergy pharmaceuticals | skin prick and intradermal testing


Topics - Clinical Immunology

  • Structure and function of the cellular and humoral components of the immune system.

exam questions

2002 paper one question 23

2002 paper one question 37

2004 paper one question 69

2005 paper one question 31


Immunology 5th Edition (Roitt, Brostoff, Male)
Harrisons 16th Edition

  • The types of tissue injury mediated by cells with immune function, antibodies, immunological and inflammatory mediators such as cytokines, complement components, etc.
  • Mechanisms of immune mediated disease, including
    • patterns of immune deficiency, and

    Exam Questions

    2003 paper two question 68 Prolonged granulocytopenia and risk of fungal infection


    • immediate and delayed hypersensitivity.
  • The mechanisms involved in the generation and control of immune responses to
    • foreign proteins,
    • allergens,
    • microorganisms and
    • autoantigens.
  • Knowledge of immunogenetics, particularly the HLA system and its role in transplantation and disease association.
  • Inpatient and outpatient experience in the diagnosis and management of
    • primary and
    • acquired immune deficiency disorders.
  • HIV infection and its complications.
  • Organ specific and multisystem autoimmune diseases (including relevant rheumatological disorders).

exam question

Drachman, DB. Myasthenia gravis. N Engl J Med 1994; 330:1797.

Myasthenia gravis
Vincent A, Palace J, Hilton-Jones D
The Lancet - Vol. 357, Issue 9274, 30 June 2001 , Pages 2122-2128

  • Systemic vasculitides.
  • Lymphoproliferative disorders and dysproteinaemias.
  • Amyloidosis,
  • sarcoidosis and

exam questions

2004 paper one question 54



  • immune complex disorders.
  • Knowledge of the mechanisms of action, pharmacokinetics, efficacies and toxicities of currently used anti-inflammatory and immune-suppressive pharmaceuticals.
  • Knowledge of the principles underlying plasmapheresis and desensitisation.

Topics - Allergy

  • The diagnosis and management of allergic disorders including
    • asthma,
    • rhinitis,
    • urticaria/angioedema,
    • anaphylaxis, food allergy and other reactions.
  • Knowledge of the mechanisms of action, pharmacokinetics and indications for the use of
    • antihistamines,
    • bronchodilators,
    • inhaled steroids and
    • other anti-allergy pharmaceuticals.
  • Knowledge of the principles underlying skin prick and intradermal testing for allergic disorders.