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Development | illness and development | development and illness | law and ethics | eating disorders | substance abuse | mental health | risk taking | sexual health

  • Adolescent development: top
    • Physical development
    • Cognitive development
    • Psychological and emotional development.


    Pubertal transitions in health
    The LancetVolume 369, Issue 956731 March 2007-6 April 2007Pages 1130-1139
    George C Patton and Russell Viner

    Youth-friendly primary-care services: how are we doing and what more needs to be done?
    The LancetVolume 369, Issue 95725 May 2007-11 May 2007Pages 1565-1573
    Andre Tylee, Dagmar M Haller, Tanya Graham, Rachel Churchill and Lena A Sanci

  • Impact of acute and chronic illness on adolescent development. top
  • Impact of adolescent development on acute and chronic illness. top


The Lancet Volume 369, Issue 9571, 28 April 2007-4 May 2007, Pages 1481-1489
Adolescents with a chronic condition: challenges living, challenges treating
Prof Susan M Sawyer MD, Sarah Drew PhD, Michele S Yeo MBBS and Maria T Britto MD


  • Law and ethical principles in dealing with adolescents. top
  • Familiarity with the onset, classification, clinical features, investigations, management, pathophysiology, natural history and epidemiology of the following: top
    • Eating disorders in adolescence

    Exam Questions

    2003 paper one question 50


    Current Concepts: Eating Disorders
    Becker A. E., Grinspoon S. K., Klibanski A., Herzog D. B.
     N Engl J Med 1999; 340:1092-1098, Apr 8, 1999. Review Articles

    Nicholls D, Viner R ABC of adolescence Eating disorders and weight problems British Medical Journal 2005 Apr 23;330(7497):950-3

    • Substance use and abuse in adolescents and their onset top


    Interventions to reduce harm associated with adolescent substance use
    The LancetVolume 369, Issue 957021 April 2007-27 April 2007Pages 1391-1401
    JW Toumbourou, T Stockwell, C Neighbors, GA Marlatt, J Sturge and J Rehm

    • Mental health disorders in adolescence and their various presentations top


    Young people seeking mental-health care
    Tonin V - The Lancet 14 April 2007 (Vol. 369, Issue 9569, pages 1239-1240)
    Full Text

    Mental health of young people: a global public-health challenge
    The LancetVolume 369, Issue 956914 April 2007-20 April 2007Pages 1302-1313
    Vikram Patel, Alan J Flisher, Sarah Hetrick and Patrick McGorry

    • Risk behaviours in adolescence. top
  • Sexual and reproductive health of adolescents. top


Global perspectives on the sexual and reproductive health of adolescents: patterns, prevention, and potential
The LancetVolume 369, Issue 95687 April 2007-13 April 2007Pages 1220-1231
Linda H Bearinger, Renee E Sieving, Jane Ferguson and Vinit Sharma