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This Week : Study Group 25th August

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2002 paper two question 5 predictors of variceal bleeding

2002 paper two question 46 Diagnosis of iron overload syndromes / Haemochromatosis

2003 paper two question 36 Differentials for hyperbilirubineamia Repeat quesion 2002 paper two question 59

2002 paper two question 61 Risks associated with PEG insertion

2002 paper two question 73 classic presentation of veno-occlusive liver disease and its differentials

2002 paper two question 81 differentials for ruq pain, vomiting and abnormal liver function tests in pregnancy

2003 paper one question 6 Histology of Barretts Oesophagus

2003 paper one question 3 Site of iron absorption

2003 paper one question 19 hepatitis C and risk of progression to cirrhosis question repeated 2004 paper one question 15

2003 paper two question 7 Risks associated with ERCP

2003 paper two question 14 An unanswerable question with a CT abdo

2003 paper two question 23 Chronic Hepatitis B, differentials for acute hepatitis

2003 paper two question 39 Gasroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumours diagnosis and management

2003 paper two question 50 Management of variceal bleeding following acute event has been treated

2003 paper two question 89 Differentials for acute hepatitis


2004 paper one question 26 management of acute variceal bleeding

2004 paper one question 43 Polyp type and risk of developing colorectal cancer

2004 paper two question 8 Treatment of Chron's Disease cf UC

2004 paper two question 26 Antibiotics and oesophageal ulceration

2004 paper two question 24 Differentials for acute hepatitis

2004 paper two question 31 Pharmacological managemetn of abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting in woman with bowel obstruction secondary to malignancy

2004 paper two question 40 Investigating change in bowel habit

2004 paper two question 48 Investigating Iron deficiency anaemia

2004 paper two question 53 Haematological manifestations of Hepatitis C and treatment

2004 paper two question 73 Chron's flare diagnosis, history and CT scan